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Q: Can I choose the routes and countries for my trailers?

A: Yes, the customer can choose the preferred routes and geographies + optional are:

  1. Random driving
  2. Fixed trajectory driving
  3. Parking the trailers for the fixed time

Q: What if the trailer gets into an accident or is damaged?

A: Trailerad replaces the TENT within 14 days and add the missed time is added to the contract period

Q: What is the cost of your service?

A: Trailerad service is one of the most cost-effective wide-scale outdoor advertising services in Europe. Pricing comparison: 1 year of Trailerad = 1 weeks of Billboard

Q: How can I be sure that the trailers are just not parked somewhere?

A: All Trailerad trailers have the GPS installed, and the customer will receive a monthly report showing all the countries and mileage – so we are 100% trustworthy and transparent.

Q: Who is responsible if some of the printed colors are different?

A: After signing off the design and before launching the full production process we print a test piece which we send to the client to confirm the colors and quality. The client has to sign off the colour test as well, after which we start the production of all tents. If any AD differs from the original signed-off sample, Trailerad replaces the ADs on our own cost.

Q: Who is responsible for the design? Can you provide design by our guidelines?

A: Besides selling advertising space Trailerad provides a full package from outstanding message to creative visuals.

Q: Are there any specific conditions, know-how, suggestions what should be considered when designing a tent?

A: There are no limitations for the design, as long as it stays within the legally allowed framework – to reach a wider audience we suggest to have a creative and outstanding design, use bright colors and clear text.

Q: Can you help us with the branding?

A: Yes: Trailerad works closely with, an international creative branding agency, who is an expert in unique concept and formats.

Q: What kind of colour materials are used?

A: We use the best quality materials and colours, which provide at least 7-8 years lifetime for the tents or stickers.

Q: What happens to the tents after the end of the campaign?

A: We recycle old tents.

Q: What is the size of the minimum order and the length of the period?

A: Minimum order is 1 trailer and the minimum period is 1 year.

Q: Who is responsible for the cleanliness of the tent?

A: Trailerad is responsible for keeping the tents clean. Our partners have a contractual responsibility to wash the trailers regularly.

Q: Do you offer these services outside EU? Where?

A: Currently our focus is Europe but we do have partners covering Russia, Asia, USA, Canada, etc. Please contact us for details.

Q: What kind of reporting do you offer?

A: We provide monthly reports based on the GPS data showing:

  1. list of all countries your trailers visited
  2. days spend per country per trailer
  3. kilometres were driven per country
  4. hours spent per country

The report includes visibility & CPV calculations